Norfolk Hash House Harriers

Hello and welcome to the Norfolk Hash House Harriers, part of one of the world's largest clubs.

We meet up once a week at a pub in Norfolk, UK (a different pub each week). Then if we're feeling a bit energetic, we go for a short but usually picturesque (and often muddy) run/jog/walk/crawl (depending on your ability). Without fail, the route will be a big circle back to the pub, where we enjoy drinking beer!

We're a social group. The running is just an excuse for the fun. We're always looking for new members, so if you fancy meeting some new friends, socialising and (ahem!) keeping fit, then please feel free to join us or call Woolly on 01603 483337 for more info!

What is "the hash" ?

from Wikipedia

Norfolk Hash House HarriersThe Hash House Harriers (abreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as Hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social, and drinking clubs. An event organised by a club is known as a Hash or Hash Run, with participants calling themselves Hashers.

At our Hash, one or more members (Hares) lay a trail (with blobs of flour), which is then followed by the remainder of the group (the Pack or Hounds). The trail often includes false trails, short cuts, dead ends and splits. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness level or running speed, as front-runners are forced to slow down to find the "true" trail, allowing stragglers to catch up.

The Hash is often described as "a drinking club with a running problem", indicating that the social element is as important, if not more so, than any athleticism involved. Alcohol is often an integral part of a Hash, though there is a balance between running and drinking. Some place more focus on socialising and others on running.

Our runs require no reservation or membership, but after your first run we require a small fee (£2.50) to cover the cost of food & drink. Information on upcoming hashes is distributed by word-of-mouth and on our run venues.

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